Sunday, June 5, 2011

Copic Mixed Media Ink and Art Class

My friend Rebecca and I were fortunate to be able to attend the Copic Mixed Media Ink and  Art Class class in Indianapolis yesterday that was taught by Colleen Schaan and Bianca Mandity. It was awesome. Although I never considered myself an artist, it certainly did open the possibilites of other things to do with my Copic markers and ink. I has the most fun with the air brush. I had gotten an air brush system a year ago and was pretty much afraid to try it. I figured I would get ink all over everything. Not really. I was surprised how easy it was to control and how easy it was to attain different effects. I'm anxious to do more airbrushing now.

The most fun was probably the canvas that we made. Some of the ladies made some gorgeous canvases. Never having done something like this before, mine was a little weak. I still have some things I want to add to it and some things I want to fix. Never the less, I was happy with my first attempt and that it took less than 2 hours to do. It won't be my last I am sure.
We were also happy to see Marianne Walker there as well. We were excited to get to have both Marianne and Colleen there and to get them to autograph their new book The Copic Coloring Guide   that just came out this week.
 Myself, Marianne Walker, Rebecca Weztel

An update to my Copic storage box. Diana Matthews who we met at the Intermediate Copic Certification class in Columbus, OH made a Copic storage box like mine. But she made what I felt was a big improvement. Her husband had used dowel rods to hold up the four corners. The dowel rods fit tight and don't require and glue dots to hold the grids in place. The hold grid apparatus can be removed at once if necessary. She cut the top grid 20 holes by 19 holes and the bottom grid 19 by 19 holes. (The bottom is smaller because the sides slope in.) Diana did a great job and I like the improvement.

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